Shuriken OST

Album artwork by Johan Elebrink

A 21-track (nearly 40-minute) album of authentic Super NES style music, Shuriken OST is inspired by classic soundtracks such as Castlevania IV, Ninja Gaiden, Super Metroid, and Mega Man X. This game concept album is based on an idea for a side-scrolling action game starring a ninja called Shuriken.

The album will be available through Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and many other stores / streaming services.


(titles subject to change before release)

  1. Introduction ~ The Red Emperor
  2. Title ~ Theme of Shuriken
  3. Stage 1-1 ~ Kodokuna Attack ~ Homeland Protector
  4. Stage 1-2 ~ Kodokuna Ruins ~ Through Fire and Rubble
  5. Scene 1 ~ Chasing Darkness
  6. Stage 2-1 ~ Mountain Tunnel ~ Beast Below
  7. Stage 2-2 ~ Buried Lake ~ The Dark Chill
  8. Boss 1 ~ Intense Struggle
  9. Scene 2 ~ The Dark World
  10. Stage 3-1 ~ Night Plains ~ Misty Moonlight
  11. Stage 3-2 ~ Dark Forest ~ Creatures of the Night
  12. Scene 3 ~ Shadow of the Fortress
  13. Stage 4-1 ~ Fortress Gate ~ The Final Approach
  14. Vs. Miki ~ No More Hope
  15. Stage 4-2 ~ Fortress Halls ~ Enemy Territory
  16. Stage 4-3 ~ Fortress Core ~ Walls Are Burning
  17. Boss 2 ~ Never Ending
  18. Bad Ending ~ Bittersweet Resolve
  19. Final Battle ~ For the World
  20. Good Ending ~ Ultimate Victory
  21. Game Over ~ Don’t Give Up!

What does “authentic Super NES style” mean?

Where possible, Shuriken OST matches the technical requirements of the Super NES. The major requirements were:

1. No more than 8 monophonic tracks.

“Monophonic” means one instrument playing one note at a time. So if I have more than one note from the same instrument, I need two tracks to handle it. Since I’m assuming the game would have sound effects (as most games do), the in-game areas are limited to 6 tracks so that 2 tracks can be used for sound effects.

2. Super NES audio samples for instruments.

This was the easiest part, because Super Audio Cart is amazing.

3. No effects except the Super NES’s reverb.

Well, mostly no effects. Maybe I cheated a little bit on this to bring you the best possible sound quality, but for the most part the effects are limited to things you could accomplish either on the Super NES or by modifying your samples. 🙂

Coming soon: Story and audio preview!