Game Audio Instrumentation: The Paradox of Choice

Hello, world! This is a retrospective about Shuriken, a Super NES style original soundtrack for a hypothetical action platforming game released on 25 September 2017. Today we’ll talk about choosing instruments for a game soundtrack, and how this affected my experience with Shuriken. These ideas also apply to developing an album regardless of genre. Note … Read more

Avoiding the Unity Freeze

Unity is wonderful, and so is its debugging system. You can print log messages, errors, or warnings, and filter easily. You even get a full stack trace for everything. Infinite loops, though – they’re a real killer. The problem is that the Windows OS halts interaction on threads stuck in a super long (or infinite) loop. … Read more

Ludum Dare 37 Postmortem: Orb Protector

Every time I do Ludum Dare, the “competition” which gives developers 48 (or 72) hours to develop a game, I have a totally different experience. When I did the 34th and 36th editions, I decided to go the jam route, even though I was working solo. This gave me that pivotal extra 24 hours. The first … Read more

Ludum Dare 36 Postmortem: Conor & Harley

This is the postmortem for my game Connor & Harley made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 36 game jam. Yes, you’re reading that right–there’s no Ludum Dare 35 postmortem. Although I was involved in making music and audio for that particular jam, I felt separate from it, and my work was sporadic rather than constant. … Read more

Ludum Dare 34 Postmortem: Tech Rider

I made a game in three days for the 34th iteration of a popular game jam called Ludum Dare. My entry is a two-button futuristic racing game called Tech Rider. Well, I say racing–really it’s a time attack game. You can play the game here. My involvement in this game jam kind of came out of nowhere. … Read more