Game Audio

Hi! I’m Joshua McLean. I compose and produce custom music and sound effects for games.

Audio is a huge part of the digital gaming experience. Not only does it provide an emotional grounding for the player, it also services the game’s mechanics, making puzzles flow more smoothly or coaxing the player in the right direction.

I work with developers to produce exactly what their game needs, whether traditional music loops, cinematic scores for cut-scenes, or individual stems for on-the-fly audio mixing. I offer old-school chiptunes, modern electronica, orchestral scores, and everything between.

In addition to music, I also produce custom sound effects. These effects will match the experience of your game and any other audio that you already have. I can record Foley, manipulate existing effects, or do a combination of the two.

For more samples of my music, check out these playlists.

If you’re looking for music or sound in your game project, contact me. I look forward to exceeding your expectations and transforming your game into an audio experience.