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Song Requests

Music is life. Therefore, when I’m not making it, I like to hear it. Song requests will be active during breaks and during dev time when I’m not working on music (or testing audio in the game).

Requesting Songs

The !songrequest [search term] command allows you to request a song. You can also shorten this to !sr. This searches YouTube for the term provided and puts in the first song it finds. If you want a specific song, it’s usually best to list the artist before the song title.

For example, !sr o-zone ma ya hi lucas prata gets you the English version of O-Zone’s Dragostea Din Tei. Also, !sr mega man gets you (as of writing) Tay-K — Megaman ( Official Video ) (Prod. By Russ808) Directed by @DONTHYPEME #FREETAYK, because that’s apparently the most popular Mega Man video that AnkhBot recognizes as music.

You can have up to 2 songs in the queue. Each request costs AP based on your status:

  • New viewers: 200 AP per song
  • Regulars: 100 AP per song
  • Subscribers: FREE song requests

Use !wrongsong if the system adds the wrong song. This will refund your points, so don’t worry! You can try again.

Skipping Songs

Regulars can use !skip to cast a vote for skipping the current song. This costs 50 AP. When a song gets 5 skip votes, it gets skipped. I want you guys to enjoy the music, too!

Subscribers can use !veto to force-skip a song at a cost of 250 AP. This immediately skips a song, no questions asked.

I reserve the right to veto any song at any time for any reason. Music preferences are a mysterious thing, but mine are pretty lenient. Here are things I particularly like:

  • Video game music.
  • Electronic music with a strong theme and not too much noise or shrieking for attention (ahem dubstep).
  • All sorts of pop and rock from any era. Can’t handle too much brass, though, so the swinging 20’s may be questionable.
  • More singing, less rapping. If there is rapping, at least some flow and rhythm to the thing, and not indecipherable grunting.