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Audio Services

Hello, world! My name is Joshua McLean. I’m a professional composer and audio engineer with a strong technical background and a passion for games.

Click here for samples of my work including a demo reel and past projects.

I work for flat rates or royalty share, depending on the project. My first piece of music or set of up to three sound effects is free for each client, as a trial run to ensure my work meets your audio needs.

Interested in working with me? Get in touch with this form or contact me directly.

Styles: Electronic, orchestral, chiptune, retro game (16-bit), rock, metal, pop, piano

Skills: Music composition, production, and arrangement. Sound design and recording. C, C++, C#, Python, and Unity. Ready and willing to pick up new tools and engines.


“Joshua not only makes amazing music, but he does it quickly and professionally. You can really hear his heart in the music.”
— Nathan Blake Games
“I’ve worked with Joshua on Ludum Dare jam entries for the past couple years. I reach out to him first because he’s a blast to work with and no matter what crazy idea I throw at him, his work always takes it to the next level.”
Noah Ratcliff