Game Audio

Hello, world! My name is Joshua McLean.

I’m a professional composer, sound designer, and audio programmer with a passion for games.

Click here for samples of my work including a demo reel and past projects.

Why pick me over the competition? My skills extend beyond audio:

  • Tools, skills, and experience to create dynamic, emotional music and precise sound
  • Game design development experience informs creative decisions, so audio serves the game’s mechanics and feel
  • Degree in computer science and experience in programming, engines, and audio tools cover all necessary tasks to move from composition to in-engine implementation with all steps between

If your project needs custom, dynamic audio to amp up the experience, please contact me:


Twitter: @mrjoshuamclean

Styles: Electronic, orchestral, chiptune, rock, metal, pop

Skills: Music composition, production, and arrangement. Sound design and recording. FMOD, Wwise, C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, Unity, and more. Ready and willing to pick up new tools and engines.


I am also a programmer with 2.5 years of independent game development experience under a startup company. During this time, in addition to working toward developing an in-hour engine, I wrote documentation for code style and organization, which has been a focus of my work.

Languages: C, C#, Python, C++, and Java
Engines/frameworks: Unity, Pygame, SDL, LibGDX, and Ren’py.

Services include:

  • Game development in C, C#, Python, C++, or Java (with engines/frameworks such as Unity, PyGame, SDL, LibGDX, and more)
  • Clean, well-organized, and well-documented code structure for easy modification

Check out my GitHub and BitBucket profiles for code samples, or my projects on