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These packs of music are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. Use the music in your games, videos, streams, or anything else. Please let me know if you use the music, as I'd love to help promote your work.

You must credit me as follows:

Contains music ©2018 Joshua McLean (
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

Modifications are also allowed, but you must share the modified work under the same license.

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Music List

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Style Title Preview Download
Chiptune50's BitPreviewDownload
ChiptuneTurtle NapPreviewDownload
ChiptuneThe Old MasterPreviewDownload
ChiptuneSparkle StarsPreviewDownload
ChiptuneSky ManPreviewDownload
ChiptuneMountain TrialsPreviewDownload
ChiptuneMelody MeadowPreviewDownload
ChiptuneLights OutPreviewDownload
ChiptuneForest of the KingPreviewDownload
ChiptuneDeities Get Takeout TooPreviewDownload
ChiptuneDeepwater RuinsPreviewDownload
ChiptuneTread LightlyPreviewDownload
PianoThe Sun AwokePreviewDownload
DarkShadow InsidePreviewDownload
RockPride and PyramidsPreviewDownload
ElectronicLet the PanicPreviewDownload
PianoInner CalmPreviewDownload
HorrorFaded LightPreviewDownload
HorrorAs the Light FadesPreviewDownload
ElectronicContemplative BreaksPreviewDownload
RockRage of the DragonlordPreviewDownload
HorrorCorner of the MindPreviewDownload
HorrorValentine GravePreviewDownload
OrchestralWaking DreamPreviewDownload
OrchestralThreat WithinPreviewDownload
OrchestralMust We FightPreviewDownload
OrchestralA Brief RespitePreviewDownload
OrchestralAcross the SeaPreviewDownload
OrchestralThe Pleasure of SuccessPreviewDownload
Rock OrchestraAftermathPreviewDownload
ElectronicDark MoonPreviewDownload
Electronic RockFlying FlamesPreviewDownload
ElectronicFurious FlamesPreviewDownload
RockGrime of the EarthPreviewDownload
ElectronicShadow of the SeaPreviewDownload