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What do you do professionally?

I am a game developer (programmer), composer / sound designer for games, writer, editor, tutor, audiobook narrator, and consultant.

If you’re interested in working with me, check out my services.

Will you work for revenue share?

Yes, but only if the project is super interesting and has a high chance of success.

What do you use to make your games?

Most of my game development is in Unity, although my stream overlay game is written with Pygame. I sometimes dabble in other systems during game jams to keep my skills sharp.

What’s the best game ever?

Video game? Tetris. Board game? Go.

Want me to list my favorites? Well, the list got too big, and now it’s here.

You do speedruns?


What’s the best programming language / game engine / framework / etc.?

The best tool is always the one that fits the job. A hammer for a nail, a screwdriver for a screw. However, you have to know a ton of languages before you can truly understand which is the best to choose, so often, the best option is the one you know best.

So instead of this question, ask, “What tool best fits my skills, needs, and limitations?”

What do you use to make music? Why don’t you use X instead?

I have been using FL Studio since I was a teenager. It’s hard to switch DAWs, and rarely worth the effort it takes to relearn everything. Most modern DAWs have about the same feature set. It’s what you do with the tool that matters.

For synths, I use Nexus 2 and Sytrus. For orchestral instruments, guitars, and acoustic drums, I use EastWest Play. For drums, I use Nexus 2 and samples. For chiptunes and retro game sounds, I use Super Audio Cart.

Where can I listen to your music?

Where can I play your games?

Where/when can I watch your stream? Are you a full-time streamer?

Monday through Saturday:

Currently, I stream part time, but over 25 hours per week as an affiliate. I would love to be a Twitch Partner some day, and at that point, I may start streaming full-time.

How can I support your work?

This page has several options to support me, many of which are free!

One easy way is to sign up for my newsletter, which lets you know what’s happening in my world every week, or join us on Discord to talk games, dev, music, and more.

I have another question that isn’t on this list.
Great! You can:

  • Ask me during a stream (I’m usually able to answer immediately)
  • Tweet @MrJoshuaMcLean
  • Ask on Discord
  • Send me an email: