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What is this “8 Bits to Infinity” thing?

Head over to the 8 Bits to Infinity website to find out!

What do you do professionally?

I am a composer & sound designer for media (games, film, etc.), occasionally an audio engineer for non-media projects. I also develop games, write, edit, tutor, narrate audiobooks, and provide consultation, when the opportunities present themselves.

Will you work for revenue share?

Yes, but only if the project is super interesting and has a high chance of success. Revenue share is often abused to put risk on the workers instead of the person in charge, which is a backwards way of doing things.

What do you use to make your games?

Usually Unity, although I also use Ren’Py and I’ve been fiddling a bit with Godot.

What’s the best game ever?

Video game? Tetris. Board game? Go. Although, that may be oversimplifying my tastes. Here’s an (overly) extensive list of my favorites.

What games do you speedrun?

Check out my approved runs and all splits (good and bad).

What’s the best programming language / game engine / framework / etc.?

The best tool is the one that fits the job. A hammer for a nail, a screwdriver for a screw. It’s also important to take into account the developer and their experience. A system you know very well could be preferred to learning a whole new skill set.

So instead of this question, ask, “What tool best fits my skills, needs, and limitations?”

What do you use to make music? Why don’t you use X instead?

I use FL Studio. Switching DAWs is almost never worth the hassle, and most modern DAWs have very similar feature sets. As with programming, it’s what you do with the tool that matters.

For synths, I use Nexus 2 and Sytrus. For orchestral instruments, guitars, and acoustic drums, I use EastWest Play. For drums, I use Nexus 2 and samples. For chiptunes and retro game sounds, I use Super Audio Cart. I’ve tinkered with trackers but never liked the workflow. Maybe one day I’ll get into those again.

Where can I listen to your music?

Where can I play your games?

Where/when can I watch your stream? Are you a full-time streamer?

See the 8 Bits to Infinity calendar. I would love to stream full time, but there’s a long way to go before streaming comes anywhere near enough to support me. (To be honest, I probably stream too much…)

How can I support your work?

Check out my Patreon campaign which supports not only my work and stream, but also the 8 Bits to Infinity community (Discord).

I have another question that isn’t on this list.

Go ahead and contact me. I’m an open book. You can also catch my stream (see above) where I often field questions from chat.