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Awesome Points

Everyone who is in chat during a stream will get Awesome Points (AP). Check how many you have with the !points command. You can see the top 5 with !top5points.

Points Earned

All you have to do is show up when I’m streaming and you’ll get a number of AP per hour. This depends on your status. The order from fewest to most per hour is as follows:

  1. New Viewer
  2. Regular Viewer = Active New Viewer
  3. Active Regular Viewer = Subscriber
  4. Active Subscriber = Regular Subscriber
  5. Active Regular Subscriber

You also get points for following, subscribing, hosting, or raiding my channel. At my discretion, you may also get points for:

  • Requesting a song I like
  • Helping another person in the chat
  • Being generous, gracious, kind, or helpful
  • Anything else I deem awesome

Using Points

Currently, AP are only usable for Song Requests, skips, and vetos. However, future features will require the spending of points as well.


For every so many points, you go up in rank. If you’re a subscriber, you get a Dedicated version of the rank. If you’re a moderator, you get a Watchful version. Currently, there are ten levels of ranks, but I won’t reveal how many points each one requires. Try to reach the top!

Regular Status

You can earn Regular status by being active in streams on a regular basis. When you become a regular, I’ll (try to) let you know. To check if you’re a regular, use the !regular command. If you are, you’ll get a message – otherwise, you’ll get no response.

Regulars get additional benefits like the ability to vote to skip Song Requests.


Note that I may on occasion clean up the AP list. When this happens, anyone who hasn’t seen a stream for over two months will lose all their AP. Next time they watch a stream, they’ll start from zero.