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Royalty-Free Music

All of the following music is available for use under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

In basic terms, this means you can use the music in any non-commercial work as long as you credit me (as shown below). You are allowed to make modifications to the work, but if you do, you must release the modified work under the same license.

The credit must be easily accessible and written as:

Contains music ©2018 Joshua McLean (
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International

Note that you are not required to credit the title of individual pieces, but this can still be useful, especially if your media contains music from other creators.

Be sure to let me know if your project uses any of this music. I’d love to do my best to promote your work.

Interested in purchasing a commercial license or custom music? Have any questions or comments about the music? See my about section for how to contact me.

Although this music is offered for free, it’s not free to make. If you use the music, please provide a donation ($5 recommended) or support my Patreon campaign. You can also show support by purchasing or streaming my music on your favorite digital music store. Thank you.

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ISRC Title Preview Download Style BPM Loop Album
QZAPG1866215 Forest of the King
Download Chiptune 150 Yes Chip Off My Shoulder
QZAPG1866216 Deepwater Ruins
Download Chiptune 90 Yes Chip Off My Shoulder
QZAPG1866217 Sky Man
Download Chiptune 90 Yes Chip Off My Shoulder
QZAPG1866218 Deities Get Takeout Too
Download Chiptune 120 Yes Chip Off My Shoulder
QZAPG1866219 50s Bit
Download Chiptune 140 Yes Chip Off My Shoulder
QZAPG1866220 Lights Out
Download Chiptune 160 Yes Chip Off My Shoulder
QZAPG1866221 Turtle Nap
Download Chiptune 90 Yes Chip Off My Shoulder
QZAPG1866222 Mountain Trials
Download Chiptune 160 Yes Chip Off My Shoulder
QZAPG1866223 Melody Meadow
Download Chiptune 160 Yes Chip Off My Shoulder
QZAPG1866224 The Old Master
Download Chiptune 140 Yes Chip Off My Shoulder
QZAPG1866225 Sparkle Stars
Download Chiptune 140 No Chip Off My Shoulder
QZAPG1894948 As the Light Fades
Download Ambient Synth 90 No Mirrors in the Dark
QZAPG1894949 Faded Light
Download Dark Synth 90 Yes Mirrors in the Dark
QZAPG1894950 Contemplative Breaks
Download Dark Ambient Breakbeat 140 Yes Mirrors in the Dark
QZAPG1894951 Nightwhisper
Download Dark Musicbox 110 Yes Mirrors in the Dark
QZAPG1894952 Rage of the Dragonlord
Download Organ Metal 100 (200) No Mirrors in the Dark
QZAPG1894953 Corner of the Mind
Download Ambient Piano 130 No Mirrors in the Dark
QZAPG1894954 Valentine Grave
Download Synth Orchestral 100 Yes Mirrors in the Dark
QZAPG1894955 Smallheart
Download Musicbox Ambient 120 No Mirrors in the Dark
QZAPG1894956 Lurkers
Download Dark Synth 90 No Mirrors in the Dark
QZAPG1894957 Isolation
Download Dark Synth 110 Yes Mirrors in the Dark
QZARB1857293 Tread Lightly
Download Rock 120 Yes Acoustic Simulacrum
QZARB1857294 Pride & Pyramids
Download Rock 120 Yes Acoustic Simulacrum
QZARB1857295 Contemplate
Download New Age 140 Yes Acoustic Simulacrum
QZARB1857296 Let the Panic
Download Electronic 192 Yes Acoustic Simulacrum
QZARB1857297 Shadow Inside
Download Dark Piano 100 Yes Acoustic Simulacrum
QZARB1857298 The Sun Awoke
Download Piano + Strings 120 No Acoustic Simulacrum
QZARB1857299 Inner Calm
Download Piano 120 Yes Acoustic Simulacrum
QZARB1857300 Air
Download Piano + Strings 80 Yes Acoustic Simulacrum


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About Me

I’m Joshua McLean: music composer, solo game developer, streamer, gamer, and writer. Video games have always been a huge part of my life, and I love music, programming, and games more than anything else.

My inspiration comes from the beautiful sounds of legendary composers including Yasunori Mitsuda, Graeme Norgate, Michiru Yamane, Grant Kirkhope, Koji Kondo, Ben Prunty, David Wise, Akira Yamaoka, and Jesper Kyd. Ronan Hardiman, Yanni, Ferry Corsten, and VNV Nation have also had a notable effect on my sound.

I compose music for a variety of styles including electronic, orchestral, chiptune, other retro game styles, and rock. If you’re looking for amazing custom audio to amp up the quality of your game, send me a note through email or Twitter.


Twitter: @mrjoshuamclean