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Hello, world! My name is Joshua McLean. I’m a composer for and developer of games, as well as a streamer and speedrunner.

I run a community of game developers and other creatives called 8 Bits to Infinity. We host a game jam every month to sharpen our skills and learn from each other. You can join us on Discord to discuss games, music, and other creative endeavors, as well as join our jams. We’d love to have you!

I also offer several hours of music for free use under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license. Preview and download songs from the Royalty-Free Music page. You can use the audio in your games, videos, films, streams, or any other creative media project, commercial or non-commercial. The only requirement is attribution.

Demo Reel


Would you like custom music for your game? Need production/mixing for a commercial project?

I craft dynamic, emotional pieces with memorable melodic content or suitable ambience to develop the game’s required mood. In addition, I can produce original sound effects and implement audio in-engine with my broad technical knowledge.

My work offers a variety of genres including electronic, rock, orchestral, and chiptune. See my Soundcloud or royalty-free music collection for samples.


“Joshua not only makes amazing music, but he does it quickly and professionally. You can really hear his heart in the music.”

Nathan Blake Games
“I’ve worked with Joshua on Ludum Dare jam entries for the past couple years. I reach out to him first because he’s a blast to work with and no matter what crazy idea I throw at him, his work always takes it to the next level.”

Noah Ratcliff
“We’ve been happy to work with Joshua. His hard work ethic, diverse music knowledge, and his creative drive have brought much to our project. He is also great to work with and we are happy to have him as a part of the team.”

The Pandemonium Interactive team


Interested in working with me? Contact me.

Sample Music


Projects with My Music

Commercial Releases & Channels

Game Jams (As Composer)

Games Using My Royalty-Free Music